GPFC Championship Rules & Regulations


GENERAL (Please review each division specifics separately)


  • Competitors must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the competition.

  • Competitors must have a valid form of ID on the day of the competition.

  • Competitors waive all rights of filming/photography. All photography and footage remains property of the Georgia Pole Fitness Classic, LLC (GPFC). Competitors agree that GPFC can use photos and footage for advertising, promotional and commercial uses.

  • Competitors must sign photo/video release forms and waiver of liability before the competition.  

  • Competitors understand in the event of a fall, competitor must immediately cease performance.

  • Competitors must conduct themselves in a professional and proper manner at all times during the competition.

  • Competitors may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol the day of competition.

  • Competitors may not be pregnant on the day of competition.

  • Competitors must show up on time.  If tardy, there is a risk of disqualification.

  • Competitors will have access to a warm up area on the day of the competition.

  • GPFC reserves the right to prevent a competitor from competing if it appears the competitor is not fit to do so safely.

  • Competitors may not communicate with the judges at any time while the event is taking place.

  • Competitors must comply with the GPFC rules and regulations at all times. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. 

  • Winners and participants agree to represent The GPFC and all affiliated parties/sponsors in the most positive light before and after the competition.

  • All competitors agree to promote Georgia Pole Fitness Classic a minimum of 3 times weekly via social media to increase visibility to the event.  Be sure to @georgiapolefitnessclassic and hashtag #gpfc2020




  • Music must be no longer than 2 minutes 30 seconds in length; any performance extending beyond 2 minutes 30 seconds will have music dropped.

  • No explicit lyrics.

  • Cutting a song or mixing several songs is approved.

  • All competitors are responsible for the quality and submission of their music.

  • All competitors must bring a back up CD with their final track ONLY on the CD; with it clearly marked with the competitor’s full name.




  • Must cover all private parts. Nudity or partial nudity will result in disqualification.

  • Full bottoms must be worn throughout the entire piece. No string bikinis, no G-Strings/thongs. No excessive gluteal fold exposure. Points will be deducted for any costume slips/excessive exposure.

  • Costumes must not promote an individual dance studio, business or individual.

  • This is a sports festival, keep costumes clean, covered, and stage appropriate, no transparent costumes will be allowed.

  • If competitor plans to remove an article of clothing, a written description of exactly what and how the item will be removed must also be emailed before Sep 15, 2019.

  • Costumes may NOT include: 

  • Obvious underwear or lingerie

  • Swimwear or bikinis – transparent clothing that does not cover the breast or pelvic area

  • No clothing that interferes with the performance or can be considered a health or safety issue

  • No fire, oil, water or paint

  • Knee/Thigh high boots are not allowed. May be barefoot, sneakers/dance shoes, ankle boots or in heels. (Excluding low flow/chair division)




  • A description of exact props must be emailed to  by Sep  15, 2020.  If we do not receive an email about props by this deadline, we will assume you are not using a prop.

  • Any item besides your bottoms and top is considered a prop. For example, if you are planning to use a scarf, please submit that as a prop along with a description of how you will use the scarf. 

  • No items will be left on the stage that will be difficult to clean up quickly, for example, no glitter, no confetti, no feathers, no leaves etc. 

  • No fire, explosives, paint, oil, water or human props.

  • If the prop is not submitted and APPROVED by Sep 15, 2019, the prop will NOT be allowed on stage for the competition.





  • 45mm chrome, competition grade X-Poles, 12’ tall. 

  • There is an elevated stage Dimensions tbd  approx- 16 X 16 or 16 x 24

  • Stage left spin, stage right static – (stage left means if you are standing on stage facing the audience, YOUR left).

  • Poles will be approximately 7 feet apart.

  • Contact with the rigging/truss will result in major point deductions.

  • *Note that pole specs are subject to change

  • A description of start and end positions must be email to by September 15, 2020.




  • All grips must be applied directly to the body/hands.

  • All poles will be cleaned by hand or with pole cleaning apparatus with rubbing alcohol and a towel between competitors by our pole cleaners.




There are no required elements.

  • The athlete with the score closest to the highest possible score is the overall winner.

  • Single points, half points, and quarter points can be given.

  • Points can be deducted for a fall or a costume malfunction.


  • Technical – Maximum of 50 points

  • Artistic – Maximum of 25 points

  • Stage Presentation – Maximum of 30 points


  • Score sheets will be collected and tallied after each competitor has performed.

  • Once judging has finished, no scores or discussions can be made to alter the results.

  • Judges must allocate a higher number of points for those athletes with a higher skill level.

  • Judges must not discuss judging or results with athletes/competitors.

  • There are 1-2 judges/category: Technical score, Artistic score and Stage Presentation score. There will be 1 runner between the judges and tabulator.

  • Winners will be awarded first, second and third prize.

  • Grand prize winner of Pro Division receives flight to PSC Championship 2020.

  • All categories receive Title, Sponsor gifts and/or Cash Prize.




  • Competitors agree to be filmed throughout the competition and must sign an agreement at the venue stating this before competing.

  • All photography and footage remains the property of the Georgia Pole Fitness Classic, LLC.

  • Competitors agree that all photography and footage can be used by GPFC for promotional, advertising and commercial purposes.

  • Competitors are advised to purchase photo/video packages in advance.

  • GPFC does not guarantee photo/video for performers/competitors.




  • GPFC Georgia Pole Fitness Classic is not liable for any loss, injury or damage incurred by a competitor or performer during any stage of the competition/showcase.

  • All competitors, performers and judges must not be impaired by the influence of ANY substance including alcohol while participating at the GFSC Georgia Pole Fitness Classic.

  • Georgia Pole Fitness Classic will provide medical assistance in the event of any accident.

  • Georgia Pole Fitness Classic reserves the right to enforce all rules and regulations.

  • Any failure to comply with the rules and regulations may result in disqualification from this event as well as future events ran by GPFC.